Book review and Summary: “Never Sell Alone”

Todd Cohen’s book “Never Sell Alone” is for both seasoned sales veterans, and for most of us who support the sales cycle. The book has Todd’s personal view of selling and lessons he learned from his father. While that does influence this book Todd’s systematic approach to the sales cycle speaks volumes to those of us who engage in any aspect of the sales cycle. This is an easy book to read with questions and examples in every chapter.

I’ve recently changed companies, and there is no need to explain the current economic climate. Typically new hires are given up to six months to get ‘on-boarded.’ Yet today’s business environment the pressure to ‘add value’ can be measured in weeks and not months. If you can’t cut it, there are many other ‘qualified’ candidates who can replace you. Sometimes a book comes along at the right time in your career. “Never Sell Alone” is just that book.


I met Todd a few years ago at a networking event. He was the main speaker and his presentation was entitled: “Everyone is in Sales.” His presentation style demonstrated his passion for ‘selling’ and the premise that we are all in sales helped me think about the roles I have had in my past career. Todd took a very practical approach to selling whether you’re selling IT services or managing your job search he demonstrated the practical side of sales.

Key points in the book

  • Audience for this book – if you’re in sales this is practical way to understand how to manage and motivate your ‘sales’ team. If you’re new to your company the book provides a guide to check your sales team.
  • Organization of this book – it is brilliantly broken down into easily digestible parts that will bring you through the sales cycle. Each chapter includes questions and examples from Todd’s own personal experience.
  • Practicality – I personally was struck in the very first section when Todd addressed the need for selling complex IT services and solutions. This book, for me, helps to evaluate my role and I could easily relate to the things I do well, and take advantage of  Todd’s advice to improve on other areas of the sales cycle.

I would strongly recommend this book. It will help you recognize what you  do well and offers a framework (broken do by chapter – with questions – and situational examples) so that you can then concentrate on improving that part of your selling ability. Today’s sales model is evolving with Social Media and the Internet. Customers are finding ways to get relevant product information. I found “Never Sell Alone” a way to review the success of my sales organization, and what areas of the process I do well and where I need to improve.

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