Getting Back to Work with IoT and the ‘New Norm’

Image: T-Systems Use Cases

How can technology support our transition back to work?

Today, June 5th is the date when our local area businesses look to return to open! I live in the southeast part of Pennsylvania. Outside of Philadelphia, and west of New Jersey. Based on the reported health data most of our pandemic cases are in nursing homes.

Image: Social Distancing with my neighbors

By now we’ve made the switch to social distancing. Daily shopping trips now come with wearing masks. For some of us with children ‘on-line’ schooling is underway, and a change in our homes.

The new norm…. for now at least is for us to make these accommodations. What will happen when business start to open up?

How can IoT support the transition back to work?

As we learn more about this virus the Economy will be the key driver versus Public Health measures. Employers want to make the workplace safer. IoT technology can help support the transition back to normal by being discreet in their use.

I’ll provide two examples in applying IoT technology.

1. Social Distancing and IoT

There are two sides to this application. The first consideration is the employer who needs to get his employees back to work. While still making the work place safe. I read this article around a concept called the ‘six-feet office.’

Image: Six-feet-office-render
Image of six-feet-office-render from the ZD-Net article

Deploying this new design in place for your workers. How do you ensure it remains in place for safety reasons. There are IoT devices that track your movements, and can alert you to physical issues in the office.

Image: T-Systems Crowded Spaces

The second consideration involves taking the temperature of your workers.

2. Temperature Measurement and IoT

We’ve all learned that there is a need for COVID19 testing, which across the US is still in short supply. Businesses have asked their employees to measure their temperature. I see this when I speak to my dentist, and have experienced this due to a hospital visit. Our local hospital has 8 entrances for both employees, healthcare workers and patients. When the pandemic started, hospitals funneled everyone through 2 entrances. So when you arrive your are subject to personal temperature measurement.

As we look to return to ‘normal’ is where IoT can play a more discreet role doing:

-> create a safer work place

-> bring people back to work knowing our colleagues are not ‘feverish’

Image: T-Systems Use Cases
Image: T-Systems IoT applications

Practical IoT applications that support the Economy

T-Systems recently held several IoT webinars. We’ve explained how the use IoT devices would allow a return to ‘normal’ in a variety of public situations.

Image: T-Systems
Image: T-Systems IoT webinar

The next IoT webinar on ‘Temperature Scanning using IoT’ will be on June 16th. For more information visit our IoT Webinar Series page for more details.

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