Why pay attention to Social Media?

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your business, or seeking your next job opportunity you’ll need to find time to leverage Social Media tools. I recently asked my LinkedIn network the following question:
“What types of social media tools are you using (aside from LinkedIn)?” Choosing from ExecuNet, Twitter, Facebook, Xing, Other
I found that 72% are using Facebook, 18% ExecuNet and 9% Twitter. The results vary by job role and age. (By the way thanks to those of you that participated in this informal poll.)

Why bother with Social Media? When a public figure like Sarah Palin chooses to use Google stats, and Facebook to promote a new book you need to rethink how marketing has changed. With unemployment at such high levels how do we promote our ‘personal brand?’ I found the following article by Greg Satell at Digital Tonto on The Importance of Branding in the Digital Age to be quite informative. Now fold this notion of a product or company brand into your efforts for the next job opportunity. How do you stand out in a crowd of other job seekers? What do you provide to a potential company? Your resume is just one tool to employ. I recently congratulated someone on their new job and asked what they did to help ‘market’ their brand? They used Twitter and blogging as a way to promote their profile/skill set. Getting recognized is step one – you still need to nail that interview.

While you think about your brand, I struggle with how much time do I need to put into this effort? Which led me to the following article from Chris Brogan on: How Much Time Should I Spend On Social Media. Depending on your situation it comes down to time management and a focus on what you want to achieve. I find it fascinating that all of the tools mentioned in this blog and sources to learn about Social Media are free. You have to see what works for you and ‘integrate’ these tools to help you save time. You can accelerate this process by working with a ‘branding’ coach. Yet it would be helpful to know what Social Media can provide for your business or personal search for your next job opportunity.

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