Must read: Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki

I came across a tweet from the Beaker blog about a Wiki on the use of social media tools for the industry. Well thanks to Jonathan Richman there is one place to find out who is using which Web 2.0 tools. Since I am coming up with a strategy for a new Life Sciences IT business unit this is an invaluable site.  I’m one of those person who likes to try things out before making it ‘main stream.’ So I am a fan of Twitter and LinkedIn, yet it is a comfort to know that there are companies trying out different tools. I maybe too far behind in learning about the uses of Web 2.0 tools.

Now this site gives you one place to find the tools as well as companies that are using these tools. A definite ‘must read’ for those of you looking to leverage these tools for your own marketing efforts.

Question for you: if you were starting a new business which tools would you use? Leave me a comment……thanks, Jim

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